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Beyond Education Sports Foundation, is a newly established charity. The charity aims to use sport to empower and engaged socially marginalised members of the community. The SPORTING MIND project is designed to support Brent mental health service users to increase their engagement in physical activity, develop greater sense of belonging within their community and reduce the stigma linked to mental health.

Aims and objectives:

  • To facilitate an outlet through Sports and Fitness training for group exercise in order to improve the wellbeing of the participants
  • To have a create/ sense of belonging, opportunity to engage in local community activities
  • To allow participants to experience team work
  • To promote social inclusion
  • To encourage service users to build their social networks and their awareness of how exercise can benefit both their physical and mental health; linking sport with physical health
  • To teach a variety of fitness/sports related skills
  • Increase self-esteem and promote self confidence


This is the first time Brent Council is using Participatory Budgeting to put the community at the heart of decision-making and empower residents to decide (VOTE) how council cash will be spent to benefit the community.

Named You Decide, £2million will be divided equally amongst the Brent Connects

You Decide NCIL (Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy) – residents will allocate who is awarded funds from the £400,000 grant

Beyond Education Sports Trust in Partnership with Fun Functional Fitness, NHS & Bridgestone Arena awarded £49,990

Sport in Mind Management Team

SPORTING MIND - Evolution Sports Group